Assigning a Care Request in CareNote

Assigning a CareNote Care Request for a Care Receiver.
Assigning a CareNote Care Request for a Care Receiver.

How to Assign a Care Request in CareNote

Assigning a care request is a crucial step in the care coordination process within CareNote. This task allows care managers and administrators to designate care requests to appropriate providers, ensuring efficient care delivery and accountability. This guide details the process step-by-step.

Step 1: Accessing the Dashboard

Begin by logging into your CareNote account. The Dashboard is the central hub where you can view and manage care requests.

Step 2: Care Request Overview

On the Dashboard, you'll see a summary of care requests. This includes the total number made this year and the latest requests submitted.

Step 3: Creating a Care Request

To create a new request, click on the "Create Care Request" button. Fill in the necessary details of the care receiver, the category of care, due date, and any additional notes that can assist the care provider.

Step 4: Assigning the Request

Once a care request is entered:

  • Click the "Assign" button adjacent to the request you wish to assign.
  • A slide-over panel appears, listing available Care Providers.
  • Select a Care Provider from the list to assign the care request.

Step 5: Notifications and Confirmation

Upon assignment:

  • CareNote sends a system notification and an email to the selected Care Provider.
  • Check the email sent to ensure it contains correct details of the care request, including the care receiver's information, contact details, address, due date, and description.
  • The Dashboard updates to reflect that the Care Request has been assigned, changing the status from "Entered" to "Assigned".

Step 6: Managing Notifications

  • The notification bell icon on the top right of the Dashboard will show the number of new notifications.
  • Clicking on it will reveal a drop-down menu with a summary of recent assignments, allowing for quick access and review.

Final Checks

  • Confirm that the care request details match what was submitted.
  • Ensure that the care provider has accepted the request and is clear on the action items.
  • For multi-user or team modes, the workflow ensures that the assigned provider is responsible for the follow-up and any necessary actions.


With CareNote, assigning care requests is streamlined and user-friendly, helping your team stay organized and responsive to the needs of those you serve. Remember, in single-user mode, the system simplifies the process by automatically assigning and accepting care requests for the user.

For any further details or support, refer to the CareNote help center or contact customer service.