How to Track Pastoral Care with CareNote: Simplifying Daily and Weekly Updates

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Selecting Daily, Weekly, or No Care Activity Digest

At CareNote, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the management of pastoral care by integrating all essential aspects of care into a single comprehensive platform. This solution is crafted for pastors, care coordinators, chaplains, and care providers, enabling them to handle the complexities of pastoral care with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

Why Track Pastoral Care?

Traditionally, managing pastoral care has involved a jumble of ad-hoc tools and methods. Pastors and care coordinators have relied on everything from whiteboards and Google Docs to post-it notes and voice memos to track congregants' needs and updates. This fragmented approach often leads to information silos and missed opportunities for care. CareNote offers a seamless solution, eliminating the chaos and ensuring that everyone involved in care management is synchronized, with no detail overlooked.

Daily and Weekly Notifications

CareNote allows users to tailor their notification settings to best fit their needs and workflow. Here’s how you can choose the right notification preference for you:

None - No Digest

Choose "None" if you prefer to manually check updates on the platform without receiving automated summaries.

Daily Digest

Select "Daily Digest" to receive a summary each morning of the previous day’s activities.

Weekly Digest

Opt for "Weekly Digest" to get a comprehensive report every Monday of all activities from the past week.

These customizable options ensure that every member of the pastoral team can receive notifications in a way that enhances their ability to manage and provide care effectively.

Daily Notifications

CareNote sends daily notifications that summarize the previous day's care activities. These notifications provide a concise overview of updates, tasks completed, and new care requests, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks. For example, a typical daily notification might include detailed updates on individual congregants, highlighting significant interactions like update sessions, spiritual discussions, or health and spiritual check-ins.

Weekly Notifications

Every Monday, CareNote compiles a comprehensive report of the past week's activities. This weekly summary gives a broader overview, allowing pastors and care teams to reflect on the care provided and plan for the week ahead. The report includes all updates, care requests, and tasks from the previous week, ensuring that the entire team is aware of ongoing situations and upcoming needs.

Utilizing CareNote for Effective Pastoral Care Management

CareNote simplifies pastoral care tracking with several key features:

  • Living Profiles: Maintain dynamic profiles for each individual in your care network, capturing significant life events and care needs.
  • Alerts and Notifications: Receive timely alerts about important events and care needs. Customize notification settings to receive daily or weekly summaries based on your preference.
  • Care Request Workflow: Streamline how care requests are managed from initiation to resolution, ensuring a systematic approach to every care scenario.
  • Task Management: Assign tasks, set reminders, and track completion to ensure effective follow-through on care commitments.
  • Simplified Reporting: Generate insightful reports with a click to evaluate the effectiveness of your care strategies and make data-driven decisions.


CareNote redefines how pastoral care is tracked and managed, offering tools that consolidate scattered information and facilitate effective communication among care teams. By providing a holistic view of your church's care activities and automating the flow of information, CareNote ensures that every congregant receives attentive and personalized care. Ready to transform how you track and manage pastoral care? Start your journey with CareNote today and experience the ease and impact of our integrated digital solutions.