Followed People: Easily Track Key Profiles in CareNote

Followed People: Easily Track Key Profiles in CareNote
Two care providers reviewing their Followed People listing in CareNote

We are excited to introduce a new feature in CareNote called Followed People, also known as Favorites. This tool allows you to select key profiles that you want to closely monitor and quickly access. By following a person in CareNote, you can easily view counts and access a person's notes, updates, tasks, care requests, and milestones all in one convenient place. Let's explore how to leverage this feature to streamline your workflow.

A listing of Followed People in CareNote

How to Follow a Person in CareNote
Following someone in CareNote is a simple process:

  1. Go to the listing of Profiles
  2. Locate the profile you wish to follow
  3. Click the link labeled "Start following [Name]..."
  4. That profile is now saved as someone you are following

The Followed People that you have selected will appear in a dedicated section for easy access.

Viewing Followed People Details
The Followed People screen provides a concise overview of the key activity for each person you are following. For each followed profile, you can view:

  • Number of Notes
  • Number of Updates
  • Number of assigned Tasks
  • Number of Care Requests
  • Number of Milestones achieved

This allows you to quickly assess recent developments and spot where your attention may be needed. You can click into any of the counts to view the details of that activity type for the followed person.

Optimizing Your Followed People List
To make the most of this feature, we recommend following the people that are most critical for you to monitor. This may include:

  • High-needs care recipients
  • Individuals with active care plans
  • People with frequent status changes
  • Family members who need regular updates

You can adjust your Followed People list at any time by starting to follow new profiles or unfollowing people as appropriate.

Enhancing Communication and Coordination
The Followed People feature enables you and your team to:

  • Proactively track key individuals' care
  • Quickly spot changes in status or needs
  • Click through for more details without searching
  • Ensure no important updates are missed
  • Coordinate efforts on high-priority cases

By leveraging Followed People, your team can stay aligned and promptly address any developing situations.

We Want Your Feedback
As with all CareNote features, Followed People was designed with your needs in mind. We would love to hear how this new capability impacts your day-to-day activities in providing excellent care and service. Please reach out to our support team with any suggestions, questions or comments. We are always striving to optimize CareNote to support you in your vital work.

Thank you for being a part of the CareNote community!