Simplifying Pastoral Care Billing with CareNote: Affordable and Efficient

A person setting up a billing subscription for CareNote.
A person setting up a billing subscription for CareNote.

Welcome to CareNote, the comprehensive and user-friendly pastoral care management software that simplifies your church's care network operations. With CareNote, you get an all-in-one pastoral toolkit that provides a bird's-eye view of your care network's care needs and activities, all for just $12 a month per user. There is a discount for multiple users. For each additional user is priced at $9 a month per additional user. After 10 users, each additional user is $4.5 a month.

Affordable Pastoral Care Management at Your Fingertips

Example Users Cost for First User Cost for Additional Users Total Cost
Small 5 $12 4 x $9 = $36 $48
Medium 10 $12 9 x $9 = $81 $93
Large 15 $12 9 x $9 + 5 x $4.5 = $103.5 $115.5

This pricing model makes CareNote an affordable option for churches, care networks, and care coordination of all sizes, providing flexibility and scalability. Smaller teams can start with a few users and expand as needed, while larger churches benefit from significant discounts as their team grows, making it cost-effective to include a larger number of users in the system.

Features That Make a Difference

Unlimited People in Your Care Network

CareNote allows you to manage an unlimited number of individuals in your care network. This means no constraints on the number of people you can support and manage through our system.

Care Request Workflows for Streamlined Care Delivery

Our Care Request Workflows are designed to optimize the care delivery process. Track and manage care requests efficiently, ensuring that every need is met promptly and effectively.

Effective Communication with Bulk & Group Email

Communicate with your entire care network through bulk and group emails. This feature simplifies the process of sending updates, announcements, or spiritual messages to your congregation.

Team-Based Collaboration and Assignments

Foster a collaborative environment with our team-based features. Assign tasks, share updates, and work collectively to provide comprehensive care to your community.

Reach Out Instantly with Bulk Mobile Messages

Send mobile messages in bulk to your care network. This feature is perfect for quick updates or urgent communications, ensuring your messages reach your congregation instantly.

Efficient Task Management and Assignments

Our task management system allows you to create, assign, and track tasks easily. Stay organized and ensure that every aspect of your pastoral care is handled efficiently.

Find the information you need quickly with our fast and integrated search feature. Time is precious in pastoral care, and this feature ensures you spend more of it with your congregation.

Comprehensive Notes for Profiles, Requests, and Tasks

Keep detailed notes for individual profiles, care requests, and tasks. These notes are crucial for personalized care and efficient management of your care network.

Simplified Reporting with One-click Reports

Generate reports on care request categories with just one click. This feature makes it easy to track and analyze your pastoral care efforts.

Stay Updated with Important Dates, Reminders, and Alerts

Never miss an important date or event with our reminders and alerts. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or a scheduled visitation, CareNote keeps you informed.

Seamless Notifications, Alerts, SMS, and Email

Receive and send notifications, alerts, SMS, and emails directly through CareNote, ensuring constant connectivity with your care network.

Integrated with Major Church Management Systems

CareNote integrates seamlessly with major Church Management Systems, making it a versatile and adaptable tool for your church's administrative and pastoral needs.

Your Pastoral Care, Simplified and Affordable

CareNote is not just a software; it's a partner in your pastoral care journey. For just $12 a month, you gain access to a suite of features that revolutionize how you manage, communicate, and care for your congregation. Join our Beta program today and experience the future of pastoral care management.

Start your journey with CareNote today!