Creating Shared Milestones in CareNote for Multiple Care Receivers

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Shared Milestones for Multiple Care Receivers

Welcome to our CareNote documentation series! In today’s post, we'll walk you through the steps of adding a shared milestone to multiple care receivers within CareNote. This feature is particularly useful for documenting significant events affecting multiple individuals in your care network, such as families or groups. Let's dive into how you can efficiently use this feature to enhance your care documentation.

Adding Shared Milestones to Multiple Profiles

Step 1: Accessing Care Receivers

  • Navigate to Care Receivers: From your CareNote dashboard, select ‘Care Receivers’.
  • Select Profiles: Identify the individuals involved, for example, Ramona and Eric.

Step 2: Creating a Shared Milestone

  1. Navigate to Milestones: Click on ‘Milestones’ from within the care receivers’ section.
  2. Adding a New Milestone: Click ‘Add Milestone’ to start the creation process.
  3. Filling Milestone Details: Enter the milestone (e.g., Adoption), and first select the primary care receiver (e.g., Ramona).

Step 3: Adding Additional Care Receivers

  1. Enable Additional Care Receiver: Check the ‘add additional care receiver’ box to reveal another dropdown menu.
  2. Selecting Additional Profiles: Choose another individual (e.g., Eric) affected by the same milestone.
  3. Adding Milestone Notes: Provide relevant details, for example, "Ramona and Eric adopted baby Jane."
  4. Setting Milestone Date and Category: Choose the appropriate date and category for the milestone. Create a new category if necessary, such as 'Adoption'.

Step 4: Finalizing the Shared Milestone

  • Create the Milestone: Once all details are filled in, click ‘Create’.
  • Review Added Milestones: You will be redirected to a list showing the newly added milestones for both selected care receivers.

Importance of Shared Milestones

Shared milestones allow for a unified approach to care management, especially when documenting events that impact multiple individuals simultaneously. By utilizing this feature, you ensure that significant life events are accurately reflected in each affected individual's care record, promoting a holistic care strategy.

Thank you for following along with this tutorial on adding shared milestones in CareNote. This feature not only saves time but also ensures that interconnected care receivers have synchronized records of significant events. Stay tuned for more tips and guides on making the most of CareNote’s features to enhance your care management practices.